Peru, Chirinos Co-op - A Laughing Man Foundation Partner

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Flavor Profile: Orange, Honey, Chocolate

Certifications: Organic, Fair Trade

Origin: Cajamarca, Peru 

The well known Chirinos co-operative produces some of the finest coffee Peru has to offer. Floral and sweet with notes of orange, dry fruit and chocolate, this single origin balances out your morning or afternoon with its bold body and flavors.

Chirinos coffee is hand-picked by co-op members and their families. Each producer group relies on an experienced agronomist who provides technical support, specifically in organic production and quality control. Members use only organic fertilizers made from composting, worm bins, and guano. In fact, Chirinos uses an innovative system, developed by Colombian Edgar Blandon, for drying and mixing organic material to create potent natural compost. This composting system is called “gaicashi” and represents some of the best thinking in compost management worldwide. Plagues and pests are controlled naturally, avoiding the use of pesticides or herbicides—a key challenge to overcome in producing high-quality organic coffee.

Laughing Man Foundation not only sources coffee from this co-operative but also partners with Sustainable Harvest to support this women-led co-op. We want to give these women farmers, who are often the most underserved in the community, the tools they need to succeed. The program offers essential training on how to yield a better crop, bring it to market and create a viable business.

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