‘Make Every Cup Count’ - A Story of Fair Trade Coffee by Hugh Jackman

Laughing Man Coffee Company founded by actor Hugh Jackman is on a mission to deliver premium coffee while giving back to the farmers who produce them.  Our mission is to empower the coffee-growing communities through Fair Trade, leading to the upliftment of the farmers. We have a dream and we strive to make it happen. Elimination of poverty by improving our farmer’s homes, giving them access to higher education, and helping them to achieve their dreams through Fair Trade is what we dream of.

Coffee and coffee beans

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Fair Trade and Laughing Man Coffee Company

It was in 2009 Hugh Jackman and Deb traveled to Kochere Ethiopia as global ambassadors for World Vision Australia. It was there Hugh met a coffee farmer named Dukale. Dukale was growing delicious coffee using a simple technology that had zero carbon footprint. Hugh worked with Dukale on the farm, planted some coffee trees named after his children (Eva and Oscar) and spent time with his family and community. He was so moved by Dukale’s spirit, leadership and laughter and realized that there are coffee farmer communities like Dukale around the world whose story needs to be told and more importantly whose coffee needs to be tasted. Hugh promised Dukale he would help. And that’s how Laughing Man Coffee was born.

Coffee beans

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Laughing Man Coffee Community believes that giving people a hand up instead of a hand out would make a massive difference in their lives. It was upon this thought,  we began donating all our profits to the Laughing Man Foundation. The need for sustainable development with better trading conditions  and the security of marginalized workers is what led the foundation to team up with Fair Trade USA. Thus, Fair Trade USA which sets standards for and certifies fair trade products to make life better for the coffee farming community became a part of our growth. 

Our community strongly adheres to the faith that every person has the power to make a difference, and it can be as simple as supporting products like Laughing Man Coffee that promotes greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect.

Hugh Jackman as the founder of Laughing Man coffee company

‘Make Every Cup Count’

Our mission received a new marketing strategy with the introduction of the “Make Every Cup Count’ campaign.  We were extremely glad to unveil the campaign with an updated logo, revamped brand packaging, a new recyclable pod format, and expanded availability of varieties. These measures were never enough for our company and we wanted to do more for our farmers. And that’s when we donated the double amount of profits to the coffee-growing communities for 30 days since the launch of the campaign. In addition to these, the campaign also featured retail activations, social media amplification, digital advertising, and digital video series to make it even more popular.

Fair Trade coffees of Laughing Man Company ensure that the farmers receive fair compensation for the excellent product they bring to market. It is not only the hard work and dedication of the farmers that we honor and encourage but also their dreams. Understanding the need for better educational facilities for the children, as well as adults, of these communities, we provided 40 college scholarships to the family members of the COOCENTRAL cooperative. We also gave funds to improve 100 homes and to help them to renovate their homes and raise their quality of life.  

Different varieties of Coffee

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By purchasing from Laughing Man, coffee drinkers “make every cup count.” You can be proud that you are giving back to the coffee farmers each time you buy a coffee from our store. With the profits going directly to the coffee farmers, we are excelling in the Fair Trade sector with support from the Laughing Man Foundation.Our stores are located in New York.But don’t worry if you are not in New York, Laughing Man Coffee is now available in bag coffee and recyclable K-cup pods which you can grab from our online store. Visit Laughing Man Coffee Company to shop for the most aromatic and pure coffee and be a part of the community.

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