CoronaVirus, Coffee Shops and the Coffee Communities of USA

Are you craving a coffee- break? Or dreaming about dropping into any of the coffee stores and spending an evening sipping your favorite coffee? Well! Here is some good news for you. Most of the coffee shops in the US have reopened following the strict protocols associated with the COVID 19.

Coffee shops with limited customers

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Coffee shops have become a place of nostalgia after the COVID 19 pandemic. It was a work spot, a place for a social gathering, and even the space for diving into your favorite book. Yes, the coffee shop culture was flourishing in the US when the corona pandemic hit the country and brought a total shutdown of the coffee shops. However, the pandemic had a different impact on the coffee culture of the people. With more time left at home and the availability of coffee online and on take away, people changed their consumption pattern of coffee to a great extent.

Is it safe to visit a coffee store?

COVID-19 has affected the number of people visiting the coffee stores in the US. The exposure to the coronavirus is what people fear when they plan to visit a coffee store. But the local mandates and the public health guidance has come up with some measures that are aimed at protecting people from the virus.

 Lady preparing coffee with COVID precautions

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In the first place, the staff and customers in a coffee store are bound to wear a face mask in adherence to the law of the country. Some coffee stores offer no service to customers who are not wearing a mask or who refuse to wear them even on compulsion. Secondly, the coffee stores have made it mandatory to wash the hands or sanitize them before entering the  shop and after leaving them.

Inside a coffee shop, physical distancing is mandatory. This is implemented through the arrangement of tables, 6-feet apart from each other. If you wanna enjoy some coffee, you will have to wait in a queue following the same social distancing. 

Customers in a coffee shop following Covid protocols

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From the part of the coffee shops, they have limited the number of customers at a time to prevent the spread of the virus. You can see the tables, chairs, and other high-touch areas sanitized once every 30 minutes in most of the coffee shops. Some of them have also got rid of the comfy clothes and leather lounge chairs in the shops as they are difficult to clean. And in some coffee shops, they allow only drive-through, delivery, take-out, and curb-side pick-up for their customers.

Are you missing the coffee shops?

Coffee shops were places for social interaction since they were established. Talking, reading, writing, entertaining one another, and passing time in a coffee house slowly derived into the coffee shop culture. We know you really miss the coffee shops and the relaxation they provided. 

Maintaining distance in coffee shops

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An evening at a coffee shop was so much more than just drinking coffee. The reopening of the coffee shops has been a relief for many people who choose to spend some time alone pampering themselves. But most of them are still disappointed by the physical distancing in coffee shops.

Home Delivery – Yay or Nay?

People have adapted to the new reality of coffee delivery at homes. Studies conducted by Square Inc. show that in the US, there has been a 521% increase in curbside delivery or traditional pickup since shelter-in-place orders began. Reports show that the sale of coffee soared recently as people began to rely on digital services for ordering coffee and for payment.

Home delivery of coffee

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Locked inside or free outside, there’s no excuse for coffee!

There has also been a steady increase in the sale of coffee making equipment in the market as the pandemic left little chance for the people to visit the coffee shops frequently. People were very much interested in learning how to prepare coffee in different styles with the help of YouTube videos.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow

With a large population working from home, the coffee shops find it very difficult to function properly as the commuters and office workers make up their strongest customer base. Even large coffee shop chains are struggling with their future. Many staff from these shops have already lost their jobs due to the unprofitable business in the coffee shops.

The situation is even more crucial for the coffee farmers, exporters, and laborers. Labor shortages, unavailability of fertilizers, and difficulty of transportation have greatly affected the coffee cultivation all around the country. The farmers also lack safety measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Farmers facing difficulty because of Covid

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It is at this point, the Laughing Man foundation thought about transferring some of our philanthropic funds to help them to cope up with the present scenario. Farmers who were cut off from supplies found it difficult to harvest the coffee. We provided PPE, food, and essential materials to farmers to ensure their safety. Distance learning centers for children and adults of the farming families were set up to ensure that no one misses their opportunity for education.

The Laughing Man Coffee Community strongly believes that the coffee culture is not confined to the coffee- drinkers alone. The true coffee culture begins from the place where each coffee plant is grown. So it’s our responsibility to safeguard our coffee farmers the same way we specialize our coffee.

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